A3 picPatient Communication Solutions for Multi-Specialty Groups

For Multi-Specialty Groups, communication with patients can be complicated and complex, as these organizations are working with a large patient base and specialists with varying schedules. With NotifyMD communication solutions, however, complicated and complex communication can be made simple.

NotifyMD caters our solutions to improve the patient and office staff satisfaction, improve operational excellence and satisfy your pain points.

Common Multi-Specialty Group Pain Points:

  • Challenges keeping scheduling straight across numerous specialists’ timetables

    • Improve the experiences of office staff and boost operational efficiency with NotifyMD Appointment Scheduling and phone call handling whenever you require assistance.
  • Difficulties vetting calls from patients and directing to on-call physicians

    • Filter calls, both daytime and evening, with NotifyMD Answering Services and Daytime Call Management
  • Challenges coordinating care and managing patient populations with chronic disease and other complex conditions

    • Improve the patient experience and streamline care coordination through Patient Outreach, Secure Messaging and Scheduling Services

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