A3 ModulePatient Communication Solutions for Dental Practices

Take your Dental Practice to the next level with effective patient communications. Don’t be left with open calendars and skipped appointments, resulting in empty chairs. NotifyMD solutions help Dental Practices to streamline patient communication, capture calls and new revenue opportunities, boost operational excellence, and improve fill rates.

NotifyMD caters our solutions to improve the patient and office staff satisfaction, improve operational excellence and satisfy your pain points

Common Dental Practice Pain Points:

  • Impact on office morale when call influxes force staff to work through lunch or after hours, also straining bandwidth

    • Improve the experiences of office staff with services including NotifyMD Answering Services, Daytime Call Management, and Appointment Scheduling
  • Troubles maintaining fill rates

    • Fill appointment calendars and cut down on no-show rates with NotifyMD Appointment Scheduling and After Hours + Daytime Call Management whenever you require additional coverage
  • Challenges related to capturing calls after hours

    • Improve the patient experience and capture additional revenue by expanding hours with NotifyMD anytime Answering Services, Appointment Scheduling and Switchboard Services

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