A3 ModulePatient Communication Solutions for Clinics & Ancillary Providers

For Clinics & Ancillary Providers, streamlined communication with patients is crucial in order to quickly and efficiently deliver test results, empathetic care and follow-up care in a confidential manner. Often standing in the way of this streamlined communication, however, is the challenge of getting in touch with patients within the confines of regular business hours. NotifyMD can help.

247hippa-logoIn this sector, we serve:

  • Medical Clinics
  • Ancillary Service Providers:
    • Labs
    • Radiology
    • Medical Clinics
    • Home Health Care
    • Hospice

NotifyMD caters our solutions to improve the patient and office staff satisfaction, improve operational excellence and satisfy your pain points.

Common Clinic & Ancillary Provider Pain Points:

  • Challenges related to handling a swarm of incoming calls during the day

    • Our daytime answering services can be used as an overflow solution during times of heavy call volume or whenever you staff can’t get to the phone
  • Challenges related to capturing calls after hours

    • Improve the patient experience and capture additional revenue with NotifyMD anytime Answering Services

Common Home Health & Hospice Pain Points:

  • Challenges providing resources for in-the-field care providers
    • Improve both the caregiver and office staff experience with NotifyMD Daytime Call Management and anytime Answering Services
  • Difficulties capturing each and every patient call with an empathetic voice on the line
    • Improve both the patient and office staff experience with NotifyMD Answering Services

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