A3 ModulePatient Communication Solutions for Ambulatory and Urgent Care Settings

When it comes to communication in these complex care settings, coordinating incoming calls and follow-up communications can easily become cumbersome while also serving patients in the care setting. The front-line staff is tasked with checking patients in and out, answering questions, administering paperwork and patient records, and processing insurance information. On top of toggling these administrative duties while delivering a positive patient experience, call volume is unmanageable at times.

NotifyMD caters our solutions to improve the patient and office staff satisfaction, improve operational excellence and satisfy your pain points.

Common Ambulatory and Urgent Care Pain Points:

  • Impact on office morale when staff must work through lunch or after hours to manage incoming patient calls

    • Improve the experiences of office staff with services including NotifyMD Answering Services, Daytime Call Management, secure internal messaging, and Patient Outreach
  • Hurdles related to low compliance

    • Improve the patient experience, increase operational efficiency and boost compliance with secure messaging designed from the ground up to be HIPAA-compliant

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