Patient Communication Solutions for Accountable Care Organizations

For Accountable Care Organizations, streamlined communication is key, not only in effectively managing patient populations and delivering an enhanced patient experience, but also in order to keep revenue flowing into the organization. That said, streamlined communication can often be out of reach for ACOs due to constrained resources and multiple processes and locations. NotifyMD solutions, however, put streamlined communication into reach for these healthcare organizations.

NotifyMD caters our solutions to improve the patient and office staff satisfaction, improve operational excellence and satisfy your pain points.

Common Accountable Care Organization Pain Points:

  • Challenges coordinating care and managing patient populations with chronic disease and other complex conditions

    • Improve the patient experience and streamline care coordination through Appointment Scheduling Services and Patient Outreach
  • Hurdles related to low compliance

    • Improve the patient experience, increase operational efficiency and boost compliance with our HIPAA-compliant messaging solutions
  • Difficulties with cohesive patient communication and filling communication gaps across ACOs, specifically employed physician offices

    • Improve patient satisfaction with quality, centralized ¬†Answering Services, delivering an exceptional patient experience

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