Daytime Call Management

Increased call volume doesn’t always equate to additional staff or resources to address patients’ inbound calling needs. Increased patient hold times, repeat calls, busy signals and full voicemail boxes can correlate to frustrated patients and staff and lower patient satisfaction scores. NotifyMD can be your strategic resource in facilitating inbound patient communications, ensuring a live voice 100% of the time without adding staff, telephone lines, or extending office hours.

Benefits of NotifyMD Daytime Call Management Solutions

Daytime call management gives practices peace of mind that patients are being attended to each time they call.

  • Care Coordinators, experienced in healthcare patient communications and terminology, compassionately answer each patient call as a seamless extension of the practice
  • Call scripts that match your unique practice and specialty protocols mean consistency in service levels through every patient interaction
  • Eliminate the need for voicemail and patient callbacks can streamline your office administrative and patient care coordination duties

Manage your high call volumes and give your patients a live voice 100% of the time while keeping costs low with NotifyMD’s Daytime Call Management solution.