Appointment Scheduling Fact Sheet

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Appointment Scheduling

Whether you manage a network of hospital departments or just one very busy office, NotifyMD can process calls for you. By scheduling appointments on a front-line, overflow or after-hours basis, NotifyMD becomes a professional, responsive extension of your office staff. Appointment Scheduling improves patient service levels and retention rates while increasing patient satisfaction and access to your organization.

Patient call and visit volumes continue to rise, and often, increased volume isn’t always met with added staff and resources to help manage the influx of patients into the practice. Increased volume can also be accompanied by inconsistent service levels and reduced satisfaction for both staff and patients. Outsourcing patient scheduling to NotifyMD can yield significant operational and clinical efficiencies, while driving revenue into the practice with filled schedules.

Benefits of Appointment Scheduling

NotifyMD manages physician schedules and appointment reminders for thousands of healthcare practices looking to improve quality of life for practice staff while ensuring exceptional experiences with each patient interaction.

  • Centralized appointment scheduling provides a seamless extension of the practice with Care Coordinators following specific office protocols, so your patients experience consistency in service level and brand representation
  • Improved patient access to care through extended hours of appointment scheduling means your office will not miss an opportunity to capture revenue
  • Decreased no-show rates through automated appointment reminders support operational efficiencies and contribute to captured revenue

Outsourced appointment scheduling through NotifyMD increases operational efficiencies through booked appointments and appointment compliance while incorporating service level and brand representation consistency with each patient interaction.

What NotifyMD Appointment Scheduling means to your patients:
• Your patients will be confident that they can call anytime, day or night.
• Patients don’t have to wait to receive quick and accurate appointment scheduling.

What NotifyMD Appointment Scheduling means to your staff:
• Less stress knowing that patients are being taken care of.
• They can focus more time on more urgent patient issues while NotifyMD takes care of routine appointment scheduling.

What NotifyMD Appointment Scheduling means to your providers:
• A happy, less-stressed staff is a more productive staff.
• When your patients get fast, reliable and professional service, they are more likely to remain your patients.

Save time and resources while letting your patients know you’re always available to take their call with NotifyMD Appointment Scheduling services.