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Specialized Patient Communication Solutions

Drive continuous operational excellence through the flexibility and scalability of NotifyMD patient communication solutions. Whether serving one physician practice or large multi-specialty practices, NotifyMD has the experience, resources and commitment to delivering exceptional experiences for physicians, staff and patients.

NotifyMD physician-centric services ensure expanded access to care and an elevated level of patient engagement through 24/7 accessibility. NotifyMD contact center solutions centralize patient communication needs and aid providers in:

  • Efficient business operations through answering services, daytime call management and switchboard
  • Captured revenue through scheduling and appointment reminders
  • Disease management through targeted patient outreach and confidential messaging

As your strategic partner and single point of contact resource to provide patient communication solutions and fill the communication gaps needed to manage populations, meet care plan guidelines and provide accountable care. Both live and automated services help physician practices achieve operational efficiencies and accelerate practice growth.

Our Specialized Solutions

Answering Services. As the expert in physician practice communication solutions NotifyMD answering services ensure a seamless extension of the physician practice, answering every call as you would, before or after office hours and on holidays. Learn more

Appointment Scheduling. Appointment Scheduling services can help streamline your practice calendar and improve patient service levels and retention rates by providing increased access to your organization. Learn more

Daytime Call Management. Offers your patients a live voice 100 percent of the time when they call your office, even when your staff is busy with patients in the office. Consider complete overflow services, or selected types, such as appointment scheduling and prescription refills. Learn more

Confidential Messaging. A platform for communicating test results, referral authorizations, prescription refills, follow-up instructions and general information to your patients, such as upcoming screenings, health news, and continued management of chronic conditions. Learn more

Patient Outreach. Live voice or automated solutions allow outreach by a specific disease type or patient status. NotifyMD Patient Outreach improves the management of disease and compliance with patient care plans and can be used to improve patient quality outcomes. Learn more

Switchboard Services. Hospital switchboard services bring efficiency in call management and consistency in message delivery and many first impressions. NotifyMD can bring balance into staffing efficiencies and productivity with reduced call abandonment rates and complaints with Switchboard services. Learn more

NotifyMD drives continuous care and operations improvement through sophisticated analytics and real-time reporting.

Through NotifyMD patient communication solutions, physicians and office staff benefit from increased patient satisfaction, higher office and business operational efficiencies, and improved medical adherence with a more engaged patient base without the burden of employing additional staff.