Primary Care Physician Improves Care Delivery, Wins MacArthur Award

MacArthur Foundation LogoJeffrey Brenner is someone you should know.  He is a primary care physician and founder and Executive Director of the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers in Camden, New Jersey.  Dr. Brenner is also one of the 24 winners of this year’s MacArthur Genius Grant that was announced this week. See video of the good doctor at the end of this post.


Dr. Brenner has devoted his life’s work to improving the healthcare delivery of high-risk patients who live in areas with extreme poverty and high urban decay. Winning the MacArthur award means that he will receive $625,000 to continue his work. 



What Did He Do?


Dr. Brenner constructed a searchable database and geographic mapping of discharge data from all patients at Camden’92s hospitals.  He discovered that a very small number of patients consumed a large share of the overall costs of health care and social supports.



According to the MacArthur Foundation…



“Brenner has demonstrated that using this model of cooperative care’97identifying and visiting high-risk patients, earning their trust, offering access to clinical services, heading off medical complications before they occur, addressing social needs before they become medical problems’97can reduce repeated emergency room visits and hospitalizations and lower health care costs. Currently working with ten communities across the country, including Allentown, Pennsylvania; Aurora, Colorado; Kansas City, Missouri; and San Diego, California, on developing sustainable and accountable care systems based on the Camden model, Brenner’92s collaborative approach to health care delivery is an important contribution to the national conversation on health care reform.’94


Bravo, Dr. Brenner and all!  Thank you for listening and caring enough to help change lives and critically draw attention to the too-long-overlooked specialty of primary care medicine. 




Video courtesy of the MacArthur Foundation

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