HIMSS Offers Resources For HIE Adoption

HIMSS logoThe day is finally here!  Health Insurance Exchanges (HIE) have opened in states across the country. What exactly does that mean for: your practice, hospital, Integrated Delivery Systems (IDS) providers, private practitioners, physician groups, independent ambulatory practices, clinics and for health information exchange organizations and providers?


Healthcare Information Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) the global, NFP organization that is focused on improving healthcare through the use of information technology has put together a list of resources, networking opportunties and a committee that is open for all to use to navigate the new HIE for providers.  Members of course will receive more benefits from this information than non-members.

What Resources Are Available?

Starting with a list of Health Information Technology initiatives across the United States including:


  • Accountable Care Organizations: Name, location and detailed descriptions.

  • Dept of Commerce/ITA:  Office location, contacts and services by state.

  • eHealth Exchange: Name, location and description of  participants

  • Health Information Exchanges: Name, location and details of self-reporting health information exchange organizations, including state-designated entities.

  • HIMSS State Legislation Tracker: Description and reference information.

  • Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program: Registrations and payments made to eligible hospitals and professionals through CMS Medicaid.

  • Medicare Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program: Registrations and payments made to eligible hospitals and professionals through CMS Medicare.

  • State Resources: A single repository of state-specific information

History And Basic Understanding

There is an historic list of healthcare organizations with a guide  to understand the basics of HIE concepts. As they saying goes, you don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been.

Ambulatory Health Information Exchange Toolkit

Our partner MGMA-ACMPE, the premier membership association for professional administrators and leaders of medical group practices partnered with HIMSS to assist practice staff by developing The Ambulatory Health Information Exchange Toolkit.  According to HIMSS this Ambulatory HIE Toolkit provides “comprehensive Health Information Exchange (HIE) education for ambulatory and physician office practice professionals, including physicians, physician executives, practice administrators and practice IT support. Find relevant resources for all ambulatory practices, as well as for hospitals and health systems looking to educate their affiliated ambulatory practices about HIE.”

HiE In Practice Podcasts


If you’d prefer to listen to informative discussions, HIMSS offers their HiE Practice Podcasts.  Some of the topics included are:


  • In-depth look at the benefits and challenges of implementing comprehensive an HIE on a large scale.

  • Symbiotic relationship between ACOs and HIEs.

  • Essential role of states in increasing health literacy, HIT adoption and HIEs adoption and success.

HIMSS HIE Exchange Committee


HIMSS offers the opportunity to get work with other industry professionals in the promotion and advancement of HIE through their HIE Committee.  This committee directly supports HIMSS advocacy efforts in regulatory, legislative and industry related HIE issues.  The committee works to represent all stakeholders in today’s HIE every changing environment. Committee members include, providers, consultants, vendors, payers and life science specialists.

I find the resources and support from HIMSS invaluable.  I hope you do too!