This is the best thing we have ever done! This service pays for itself and saves a lot of staff time

Dorothy B.Office ManagerPsychology Practice

On average, we see just under 4,000 patients each month and enter approximately 2,100 messages into the confidential messaging system. Finding the time and staff to personally speak to each of these patients would be virtually impossible. With confidential messaging, it only takes us about a minute per lab, greatly decreasing our time spent on the phone from 175 hours a month to 35 hours. The best part is that 94% of our patients retrieve their message, so we have minimal follow up! As one can clearly see, confidential messaging plays a key role in delivering our test results!”

Karen B., FACMPEExecutive DirectorOB/GYN Practice

Our patients like the appointment reminder service and it definitely cuts down on no shows.”

Billie C.Office ManagerFamily Practice

When we first started using Appointment Reminders there was some resistance from our patients, because it wasn’t a live person calling. But now our patients expect a reminder call every time they have an appointment! We find that the service pays for itself by relieving the staff time it used to take to call patients.

Jan S.Practice ManagerCardiovascular Practice

Time after time, patients praise the confidential messaging system. They enjoy hearing the personal and customized message, and because it is in their physician’s voice, they have more satisfaction in its content. We not only deliver the message, but also can convey the appropriate tone of reassurance, concern, or other desired emotion. Our staff telephone time has dramatically reduced, allowing them more time with the patients in the office. Our inbound and outbound call volume has also significantly decreased.

Mark W. MDInternal Medicine Practice

The service saves our front office staff a great deal of time allowing our office to run efficiently.

Paula B.Office ManagerOB/GYN Practice

Prior to the introduction of Appointment Reminders, we had staff members calling each patient personally and reminding them of their appointments. We found this to be very time consuming, usually taking between two and two and a half-hours per day. When we began using Appointment Reminders, we immediately saw a reduction in time spent confirming appointments. It takes less than a few minutes to send the schedule, freeing up our staff to take care of the patients in the office.”

Mike PGroup AdministratorHeart Center

We switched our answering service over to NotifyMD three years ago. Our only regret is that we didn’t make the switch sooner. Everyone is extremely pleasant and easy to work with. I’ve never asked for something that the staff couldn’t accommodate. With 18 doctors who all like things done a little differently, it amazes me that they are all very happy with the service provided by NotifyMD

Brenda CPractice AdministratorFrederick, MD